We don’t want to brag too much about us!

Come on over to one of our locations or pick up your phone and try our product! We are confident you will love it!

Having said that though, let us tell our story a little bit.

We are all peeps related to the food and beverage industry and are deep rooted in it. Our idea of a Roti joint came about due to Toronto’s love for the product. But what we noticed was appreciation and demand for a product that was somewhat mediocre! Now, no offense to other joints serving Roti but we dare to say that our product is fresher, superior and gives you the flexibility to make your own Roti the way you like it. Simple and fresh ingredients put together with some quintessential complex flavored indian inspired curries or sauces as some may call it.

And that’s why the name “My Roti Place” – because it’s truly “Your Roti Place” – just made the way you like it!

Either way, that’s just for fun but for a seriously delicious Roti, get on

with your buddy, your family, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your

colleague, your boss, your assistant, your date and tell them –

Hey! Let me take you to My Roti Place – you will love it!

Chef Karthik Kumar, called KK, hails from the bustling metropolis of Chennai (Madras). Having attained a degree in culinary arts from ITI, Chennai, he worked at the finest hotels in India. After that, he joined The Carnival Cruise lines, Miami in the food production area to further hone his culinary art. KK knew that he has to stay true to the roots and bring indian cuisine to the forefront so he joined Brick Lane Curry House in New York City, eventually becoming Group Executive Chef of six locations dedicated to serving authentic indian cuisine in a british setting. He also was the chef and founding partner in the 3 star New York Times reviewed Paratha Junction. Chef KK has been featured in the Travel Channel, CNN, Food Network, Fuji TV and locally in the Toronto Star, and CP24 in Toronto!

And now, he brings his traditional as well as adventurous culinary skill to the city of Toronto in the platform of a roti place – His, yours, ours and thus, My Roti Place!

Mr. Dhiraj Tiwari, popularly known as DJ, is a native of the cosmopolitan city of Calcutta, India.

An artist, a musician and a gifted guitarist at heart found himself in the beautiful country of Switzerland where he studied hotel management and about the service industry. His passion and his success at school brought him to Miami with the IHG hotel group. DJ helped manage multiple restaurants in that hotel and then moved on to New York City to pursue career options in some fine restaurants of the big apple. But there was no stopping in his career or world travels and after four years in NYC, he moved to Toronto with his family and worked with the well established Brar Group, overlooking multiple outlets and managing big teams of people.

The lure of starting something of his own, with like minded people, friends and colleagues got him to start up his, yours, ours and thus – My Roti Place!

Mr. Vivek Deora, has been involved in the restaurant world for over 20 years. After his Masters Degree from the UK, he has either trained at, operated or owned restaurants in the UK, Netherworlds, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and China. Recipient of a few awards for his contributions to the restaurant and hospitality world, today, Vivek is the CEO of Morph Hospitality Group that owns and operates three highly successful and well acclaimed restaurants in Nashville, Tennessee. Vivek is also a founder and investor in Life is Brewing company that owns two breweries, namely Mantra Artisan Ales and Steelbarrel Brewery.

He loves the city of Toronto and is excited to partner up with KK and DJ in launching his, their, yours, ours and thus – My Roti Place!